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What Others Have Said.....


Delighted with the digital re lift of our website. They stripping down all of our content based on data analysis to be more customer focused. We re-purposed the content for SEO & Social Media. 


Jo Woodfield

Founder The Higher Mix Consultants


We went through a complete digital transformation. We had all the content but didn't know what to do with it to. Now we have a highly effective website gathering leads on auto-pilot.


Ricardo Morren

General Manager of Juvo Solutions


The website hadn't been updated in years and we were delivered a slick customer friendly website within weeks. The process was seamless and appreciate the continued support after go live. 


Tony Lester

Parther of Lester Blades Recruitment Specialist

4 Pillars to Success in 4 WEEKS

(After each section there is a round of feedback)


When somebody is looking for a service or information what is the first thing 80% of them do?

They simply Google it!

Google shares all this search data so we can research what end users are searching when they are looking for a certain service. The majority of the time this simple research is not done.

We have built businesses around our Google data analysis helping companies pivot based on search intent and focus on key areas instead of trying to do everything.


Design is one of the most frustrating parts of building websites as everybody has an opinion only what a good website looks like.

That is not what were talking about here.

We are talking about user experience website design. Determining what needs to be on the page to ensure that the visitor finds what they want or are just one click away from the information they need.

The last critical part of every web page is having a clear call to action so it is easy for people to contact you or for you to provide them more information via ebook, video, email etc.


Content seems to be the biggest stumbling block for most people.

You don't need to reinvent the wheel when writing content so we hire experts to write user friendly content that is optimised for Google. This just means writing titles, headings and descriptions based around the search term a user enters in Google search which we would have determined in phase 1.

What we need from you is all the pictures, videos, brochures that makes your company unique!

We then collaborate it all to make a better website made for the end user.



From phase 1-3 we are always working on a staging environment no accessible to you.

We will never go live without your approval.

The Go-live is actually seamless as it will happen overnight when you expect little traffic and all old traffic will be redirected to the new appropriate pages.

Then we have an orchestrated launch announcing it to all of your contacts and social media channels.

We will train yourself and your staff how to simply manage the website that doesn't require any technical no how and we will be available to help with any teething issues at the start but this is where we teach you how to fish.

Finally we provide you with a simple action plan for next steps to drive crazy amounts of traffic that are ready to buy from you today.

About us

Shane Drumm

Customer Experience

Founder who started building websites 10 years ago. Always only has the end user in mind when building websites

Martina Breen


Perfectionist who is all about style and some could say is Shane's better half when it comes to making great websites

James O'Connor


Went to school with Shane and now live in Australia together looking to change the way websites are built & used

What is a Better Website???

We were PRETTY DISGUSTED to discover what as supposed be common practice was not being done by 80% of website developers:


  • User Experience
    Every website needs to be built with the end user in mind. You need to determine what is the clear next action you want a website visitor to take when they visit a webpage.
  • Make an Impression
    You have 15 seconds to make an impression. If it takes 10 seconds to load you are shooting yourself in the foot.
  • Easy To Find on Google
    Anytime you Google your brand name your website should be the first thing people see.


  • Information Overload
    80% of website visitors are not looking to be bombarded by information. They want to know can you do what they want, are professional and have a good track record.
  • Set & Forget
    A website requires TLC but it should be easy for any business owner do this themselves without  a developer
  • SEO Not Done
    SEO is actually really easy. It just means adding title,s headings and description to web pages but people don't.

Conclusion on Building Better Websites:

Building Better Websites is easier to get wrong than right. Everyone has an opinion but it needs to be built on DATA not OPINIONS. Building a website on data is the foundation that will ensure the right people finds the website in-conjunction with onsite SEO.

Then using this data to create a great user experience is easy because most business have all the information just don't know how to communicate it effectively. You need to just think what does the visitor to this webpage want. Yes every web page is treated uniquely not every website.

Finally the website needs to be a pleasure to use. It should be easy on the eye with a professional touch as it represents your brand online. At a minimum it has to load quickly with a SSL cert or else how do you expect to be willing to share their information with you!?

You need to think about the outcome you want to achieve with your website not outputs.

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