Welcome to Continual.Delivery. We’re glad and grateful you’re here.

Continual.Delivery are a group of digital technology experts who can help service focused businesses grow by becoming customer-focused to deliver world-class customer experiences and using technology to make their business more efficient.


Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

We are proud to be a purpose-driven company in the service of others. A mission, vision, and set of core values are essential to such a company that is truly devoted to a cause greater than itself. We are excited to share ours here as a commitment to you of our authenticity as well as a means of ensuring that our work is held accountable to these high standards.

Shane started by creating service focused websites for friends and families as a past time on weekends. It then provided for Shane when he first moved to Australia. Now he wants to give back by helping small and medium business owners create high performing businesses.


A mission is a company’s north-star. It establishes a reason for being—a “why” we exist. All of our work is guided by this simple, empowering, and unifying statement.

Our Mission: To show small to medium service-focused business owners how they can improve their businesses using lean-agile principles and technology to provide their audience more value, build trust and loyalty, and generate more revenue.


A vision is a direction, not a current-state reality, meaning we work in pursuit of achieving our vision. It is informed by the mission and describes that mission in more precise, actionable terms.

Our Vision: That every business Continual.Delivery works with has a strong focus on enhancing customer experience by focusing on continually delivering value driven outcomes while growing their business.


Meet the Man Who Started It All

Shane, the founder of Continual Delivery, has a background in Computer Science, Media Design, Marketing Technology, Product Strategy, Agile Project Management. Over 10 years experience working for large international companies.

Sharp emotional intelligence has seen him lead teams and change behaviour to improve the culture within work environments. Shane believes fostering change and improving the workplace starts a friendly smile.

With a passion for delivering great online experiences, he has been building WordPress websites for over ten years in his spare time. Shane has hands-on experience working with small to medium businesses with website builds, hosting, tracking, tagging, process improvements, and growth hacking.

Shane has been living in Perth, Australia for over 3 years loving the lifestyle and opportunities it brings his way. He relishes any chance to give back to the digital community.

Shane Drumm

> Project Manager Professional (PMP),
> Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP),
> Agile Scrum Master,
> Six Sigma White Belt,
> Project & Process Trainer
> Certified Product Manager,
> Certified Digital Marketer,
> Honours Degree in Computer Science,
> Masters in Media Design,
> L4 Toastmasters & Public Speaker

About Us? It’s About You.

Continual.Delivery has five goals when working with you to enable this vision:

1. Show you how to put strong foundations in place to set up your business for success using Lean-Agile planning and product strategy techniques.

2. Show you how to create fast flow of work as it moves from development into operations because that's what's between the business and customer

3. Show you how to market in an Lean-Agile way by expecting changes and continually improving based on data and feedback from customers.

4. Show you how to shorten and amplify feedback loops so we can fix quality at the source and avoid rework. A company can implement a range of feedback loops from automated to the user.

5. Show you how to create a culture that simultaneously fosters experimentation, learning from failure and understanding that repetition and practise are the prerequisites to mastery.